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The district’s graduation rate is 39%. Six schools in the district have been designated by the state as needing improvement.


Safety is a priority for the Rochester City School District. The Board of Education recently appointed a Director of Security Operations to oversee security personnel and implement security procedures.

Child Poverty

The Rochester City School District has the highest poverty level of New York State’s Big 5 districts. Half of the schools in the district are at 90% of the poverty level or higher.


Students are required to have at least 93% attendance in each class, but the board of education has identified truancy as a significant problem.

Parental and Community Involvement

District officials have been disappointed with parental turnout for some school meetings and events. Spt Brizard is working to reach out to parents in an effort to improve improve turnout.


Discuss any other issues relevant to the Rochester City School District.

Brizard: Square One - Schedule and Video Clips

Brizard: Square One
January 31, 2008 Schedule:

7 a.m. WDKX 103.9 The Wake Up Club LIVE at Dr. Freddie Thomas High School (

7:40 a.m. WXXI-AM and WRUR-FM Morning Edition Brizard called into WXXI to speak with AM 1370 host Alex Crichton. (Listen Online Now)

9 a.m. WXXI-AM & WDKX-FM Brizard: Square One Student Forum At Dr. Freddie Thomas High School, Brizard took questions from students. (Listen Online Now)

Noon WXXI-AM, WDKX-FM, City 12 Special Edition of WXXI's 1370 Connection Brizard joined host Bob Smith on 1370 Connection. Phone lines were open. (Listen Online Now)

5:20 p.m. WXXI-AM & WRUR-FM during All Things Considered Brizard called into WXXI studios to speak with AM 1370 host Rachel Ward. (Listen Online Now)

9 p.m. WXXI-TV 21 (cable 11) Special Edition of Need to Know Brizard joined hosts Liz Medhin and Julie Philipp in studio and took calls from viewers. Call in during the show: 1-800-295-9994 or 585-454-6300

Square One Video:

Brizard says it is time to start talking about a "better schedule" for Rochester students in September:

Brizard tells Rochester students he is proud of his Haitian heritage:

Brizard says his father was an eduator in Haiti, but left because his teachings went against the government there:

Brizard tells Rochester students about the rap artists who attended the New York City school he ran: