Your Thoughts on Education Reform

With a new presidential administration, major budget constraints for states as well as districts and large scale national dissatisfaction with No Child Left Behind, educational reform is a hot topic on many levels.
NPR's Talk of the Nation featured Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, in a story titled Arne Duncan Hopes to Overhal Education System,  whe

Michelle Obama on Sesame Street

First Lady Michelle Obama visited Elmo on Sesame Street  to help communicate to both parents and children the importance of healthy eating, staying active and reading . 

When are Tweens Ready to be Home Alone?

It's a day that will eventually come for all kids, especially as they get closer to being a teenager- staying home alone- but when is an okay time for it to happen?

Inside Education: WXXI's Education News Podcasts

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Earth Day

April 22- is Earth Day!

Don't squeeze the Charmin and don't read the books, either

A friend of mine snapped this picture yesterday at a local antiques co-op.  The shelf behind the hand-written sign was lined with well-worn children's books of no particular value.  At first, my friend thought the seller must be an incredible book snob to post such a notice. Then he had another thought, that the books might contain material some might find offensive.  If I'd been there, I would have asked the seller directly.  Other theories?