Science & Nature

Nature: Sex, Lies & Butterflies

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 8:00pm

Nature visits destinations, in the U.S. and abroad, to bring viewers unique perspectives on the lives and behaviors of a diverse lineup of wildlife.


Genius By Stephen Hawking

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 5:00pm

Genius By Stephen Hawking, will be presented and narrated by renowned theoretical physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking.


Family Movie Night: Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Adventure Camp

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 7:00pm

Family Movie Night brings you Dinosaur Train: Nature Trackers Adventure Camp!  on WXXI Kids 24/7. Follow Buddy, Shiny, Tiny, and Don in four exciting new stories as they travel to different ecosystems and learn about erosion, tree lines, rainforests and canyons. 

Earth Day Create MARATHON

Sat, 04/21/2018 - 6:00am

Settle in each weekend to watch your favorite shows in one binge-worthy format.

NOVA Wonders: What Are Animals Saying?

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 9:00pm

From singing whales and howling wolves to chirping birds and clicking dolphins, the world is filled with the exotic vocalizations of other creatures.


Earth RX: Climate Solutions for a Changing Planet

Sun, 04/22/2018 - 9:00pm

Host Paul Huttner makes sense of climate science and offers solutions to the global climate crisis.


Ocean Stories

Sun, 04/08/2018 - 9:00pm

Presenter and scientist Liz Bonnin offers a deep dive into the Earth's oceans in this two-part series airing two Saturdays in a row.


POV: Bill Nye: Science Guy

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 10:00pm

Bill Nye is on a mission to stop the spread of anti-scientific thought and action.


NOVA : The Impossible Flight

Wed, 01/31/2018 - 9:00pm

For the first time ever, two intrepid pilots fly a solar-powered airplane around the world.

NOVA : Black Hole Apocalypse

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 9:00pm

They are the most enigmatic, mysterious, and exotic objects in the universe: black holes.

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