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Making Rossini EVEN BETTER.

I think this video speaks for itself.  No need for me to infringe on it's amazingness.

Morning Mailbag

One of our chief joys is hearing from WXXI's classical music listeners.  Enjoy a sample of a few e-mails from recent weeks.


I've been listening to your show on the way in to work lately and really enjoying the selection. Michael Pratorius was new to me, and a direct hit.

A question: you played a chaconne by Marin Marais last week (I believe by the Concert of Nations). I'd like to track the recording down, but he wrote a number of chaconnes. Can you shed any light?



Hi, T---------,

Live From Hochstein Featuring flutist Nina Assimakopolous

Nina Assimakopolous teaches flute at Bowling Green State University and is an active performer and clinician worldwide.  She has a very holistic view of both teaching and performing, and shared her thoughts on both as well as some very cool extended flute techniques with WXXI's Chris Van Hof.

Live From Hochstein Featuring RPO brass players

WXXI's Chris Van Hof chats with Rochester Philharmonic Principal Trumpet Doug Prosser about his days playing Spain and the process of putting together one of the most favorite modern trumpet concerti.

Trombone Spring Break!

Earlier this month, I was gone and off the air for a whole week.  I thought I'd try Skyaking for a bit--didn't work out so well.  After multiple bird strikes and $17,000 worth of skyaks destroyed, I decided on a safer endeavor and played racquetball.

Live From Hochstein Featuring Quartsemble

Quartsemble is a string quintet of a different stripe.  They travel comfortably from standard classical repertoire to up-to-the-minute new arrangements of Latino and contemporary music.  WXXI's Chris Van Hof chatted with them about their unique programming, the key to good educational concerts, and how to write tango for five strings.

Live From Hochstein St. Patrick's Day with Brian Story and the Finger Lakes Concert Band

WXXI Classical 91.5's Chris Van Hof's discussion with conductor Brian Story about the pleasures and challenges of leading a community concert band, and how to program good music for a St. Patrick's Day concert.

Arts Features with Mona

Mona Seghatoleslami of WXXI’s Classical 91.5 interviews musicians performing in the Rochester area and beyond, including previews of upcoming Live from Hochstein performances.

You Missed a Spot!

Every day for 5 hours at WXXI, I play CDs.  On an average weekday, I play 22 pieces of recorded music.  A rough estimate suggests that 97% of the recordings I play are produced in a studio, with the remaining 3% are recorded live in concert.

Let 'em dance!

Chilean conductor Felipe Hidalgo is coming to Rochester to bring the Gospel of Fun to our young classical musicians.