Song in America double bills in December

Sundays at 1:00 (and 2:00) this month

Songs of courage, hope and loss.

Song in America gets some double bills this month due to holiday specials

12/11    Song in America Double Bill: Many Are the Voices Many Americans have had to raise their voices to be recognized or even heard in America. In this program, we hear songs of African Americans and Native Americans; women, immigrants, and war resisters; and voices from the labor movement and the gay rights movement. (2pm) War Cries Throughout our history, America has gone to war with bravado and with anguish. Songs have helped shape those emotions, and express them—inspiring us to battle, sustaining our courage, giving us a way to lament our losses.

12/18    Ives the Chronicler Charles Ives was unprecedented at suiting his musical style to the story he wanted to tell, and he created dozens of surprising “snapshots in song” of what it was like to be alive in America during his lifetime.