Week of May 7 - May 11, 2012

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests

Monday 5/7

Hr. 1

Reaction to the Governor’s new education blue ribbon panel, from Billy Easton, executive director of Alliance for Quality Edication, joining us on the line from Albany

Hr. 2

Dr. Nancy Rappaport, author of works including The Behavior Code, discusses what can and should be done when children’s behavior becomes problematic; she joins us on the line from Boston


Tuesday 5/8

Hr. 1

What is the “Occupy” movement doing now that May Day marked renewed demonstrations across the country? We talk with Occupy Rochester assembly members Brian Lenvo and Ryan Acuff

Hr. 2

A preview of the Eyes on the Future summit, with featured speaker Tom Kelley on the line and Greater Rochester Enterprise head Mark Peterson in studio


Wednesday 5/9

Hr. 1

We talk with Susan Lerner, executive director of the nonpartisan reform lobby Common Cause New York

Hr. 2

Is the renewal of downtown Rochester still moving forward? We talk with Rochester Downtown Development Corporation President Heidi Zimmer-Meyer


Thursday 5/10

Hr. 1

Upstate New York is becoming a significant center of independent film. We meet producer Brendan Nagle and co-star Jim Toepper of the forthcoming film The Essentials, a production of RIT students and alumni

Hr. 2

Crime in Rochester—is it now truly in decline? We’ll ask a man who’s studied serious crime in Rochester in depth, RIT criminologist John Klofas


Friday 5/11

Hr. 1

Scott Fearing, program director of the Gay Alliance, reflects on the significance of President Obama’s change of position on same sex marriage

Hr. 2 (The Education Friday Hour)

School of the Arts is named by US News as one of America’s best high schools…we talk with Principal Brenda Pacheco  and members of her team



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