Week of May 14 - May 18, 2012

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests

Monday 5/14

Hr. 1

Urban development expert Roberta Brandes-Gretz joins us on line from New York to discuss the future of communities like Rochester, in advance of her Wednesday appearance under the auspices of the Rochester Regional Community Design Center

Hr. 2

Jody Siegle, executive director of the Monroe County School Boards Association, discusses the challenges facing local school systems in the era of the tax cap, as their communities prepare for budget votes Tuesday


Tuesday 5/15

Hr. 1

An examination of trends that will shape our immediate future, with Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of Trends Journal, joining us from his office in the Hudson Valley

Hr. 2

Dr. Russell Barkley, nationally recognized expert on learning and behavioral disabilities, joins us in advance of a conference he will keynote in Rochester at week’s end


Wednesday 5/16

Hr. 1

A mid-festival report on the lilacs, plus an update on what every gardener needs to do this time of year, from our experts Greg Frank and Mike Tanzini

Hr. 2

Rochester City Council President Lovely Warren shares her perspectives on the city’s budget challenges


Thursday 5/17

Hr. 1

We’re joined by Frank Genuzzi and Sharon Singh of Amnesty International’s Washington office to get an update on the status of dissidents and civil rights in China

Hr. 2

Former senior U.S. diplomat Molly Williamson discusses America’s options in trouble spots in the Middle East (recorded)


Friday 5/18

Elissa Orlando presents a two-hour Healthy Friday program focusing on issues and topics of personal health


All programs originate live in our studios unless otherwise indicated. Schedules are subject to change in response to breaking news. Pre-recorded programming may be replaced with live content on short notice.