Week of August 13 - August 17, 2012

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests (updated)

Monday 8/13

Hr. 1

Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente makes a stunning prediction for the near future for America and the world

Hr. 2

Budget expert Peter Kiernan discusses the crises that may soon affect local and regional governments


Tuesday 8/14

Hr. 1

We talk with international restorative justice expert Dominic Barter, and with Kit Miller of the Rochester-based Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, in advance of Mr. Barter’s address at the U of R the following weekend

Hr. 2

The Kodak patent auction and the future of what was once estern New York’s biggest manufacturing business; we talk with veteran market and business analyst George Conboy, president of Brighton Securities


Wednesday 8/15

Hr. 1

Gardening experts Greg Frank and Mike Tanzini answer your questions about everything you grow

Hr. 2

Media expert Tom Proietti of St. John Fisher College and MCC discusses the TV season to come, the radio and TV we’re seeing now, and the election coverage we’re getting


Thursday 8/16

Hr. 1

D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig joins us to answer your questions about getting your house in better shape

Hr. 2

EKRA president Art Roberts discusses new developments in the Kodak Chapter XI process, new state legislation on retiree

health care, and how they may affect Kodak’s thousands of area retirees


Friday 8/17 (Healthy Friday)

Elissa Orlando presents a two hour program discussing issues of personal health

Healthy Friday Noon Part 1:
Dr. William Valenti, AIDS Care Rochester: HIV AIDS research and update and Rochester’s White Party

Healthy Friday Noon Part 2:
Dr. Louis Eickel Rochester, General Health System: Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Healthy Friday 1pm Hour
Doctors Tim Malins RGHS and Chad Teeters, URMC Highland Hospital: Eggs and Cholesterol.


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