DTV Antennas

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I have an analog TV antenna in my attic. Works good, I get all the local channels just fine. The literature on the antenna said it was good for digital too but the signal I get with the converter box is weak and fades in and out.
Question: What sort of antenna do I need for DTV and where is a good place to look for one?


DTV Antennas

The Zenith DTT 901 model permits a signal strength scan, which improves the strength of the signal (select menu and the signal strength option), and when that completes you must do another channel scan. If you have done that, it sounds like you need a better antenna. WXXI suggests the Terk HDTVi (which can be found at Rowe's Photo) and the Phillips PHDTV3 (it can be ordered online at; just make sure the antenna is pointed toward Pinnacle Hill and you should be set. If you have anymore questions you can call the WXXI DTV Hotline at 1-866-386-9994.


I have been through several DTV amplified antennas during the last year
I would drop cable tv except I cannot receive wroc-dt (CBS) I live in Greece
near Olympia High School. I finally got an email form a tech at WROC
expalining the problem. Because of FCC regulations and some problem
with Canadian stations the amount of power is reduced in the northern directions.
If you goto the site TV Fool, you can find a link to signal strength maps.
It seems all Rochester DTV station are required to not aim as much power north
as they transmit south. As a result the only way to receive consistent reception
in Greece is to put up an outdoor antenna. Unfortunately I live in a condominium
complex, and the rules forbid it.
I find it ironic that with all the buzz about DTV the end result for me is worse
reception, not better. I think many people will experience that in the near future.
In these rough economic times I can't see why I have to spend additional money
to get an outdoor antenna. I've already spent a large sum on a new HD Tv, and
several models of amplified antennas? Any feedback from anyone else with a similar
experience would be appreciated.


If you are located in Monroe County you should not need an amplified antenna, because Monroe has a pretty strong digital coverage area and, therefore, signal (Greece has had issues getting WROC, like Webster and Irondequoit have had getting NBC and WXXI at times, though, and you did make mention of that.) With that said, you don't need a converter box for cable, and you shouldn't need an antenna. If you were to get one, WXXI recommends several indoor antennas (that are not amplified), and they are the Terk HDTVi and TV4 (can be found at Rowe Photos) and the Phillips PHDTV3 (can be ordered online at If you have anymore questions you may call the DTV Hotline at 1-866-348-9994.

External Antenna

I live in Brighton. I have a junction box in my basement. The basic cable is attached to it. I have cable connection in every room. I am thinking of getting my own external antenna which I want to connect to this junction box.

Which antenna do you recommend for HD reception ? Do I have to add an amplifier near the junction box ?

I don’t want to get an indoor antenna for each room.

Loss of DTV signal in Rush

We are 15 miles south of city center in Rush,ie, within Monroe County. For days at a time we loose one or more channels (except channel 21) We have an analog amplified antenna and the converter box for our TV. Prior to DTV we had a clear and reliable signal. What should we do?