Week of September 10 - 14, 2012

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests (updated)

Monday 9/10

Hr. 1

At the start of a new TV season and the height of the political season, perspective from media expert Tom Proietti

Hr. 2

The past, present and future of Russian communism and nationalism from historian and Amnesty International’s former regional director Josh Rubenstein


Tuesday 9/11

Hr. 1

On 9/11 plus 11 years, are we safer, and is Al Queda no longer a major threat? Or are we still at risk? We discuss that issue with Sharon Murphy, national security analyst on the faculty of Nazareth College

Hr. 2

A conversation with economist Kathy Bromley; are we better off now than we were four years ago, and if so, how much?


Wednesday 9/12

Hr. 1

Greentopia’s Linda Moroney and filmmaker George Gage discuss the festival;s central issue of sustainability

Hr. 2

Martin Steinhauser, director of art, literature and media, and  Cynthia Dana, circulation manager, of the Rochester/Monroe County Library System, on its changing mission


Thursday 9/13

Hr. 1

We give way to a special presentation of a documentary examination of the controversial process of “hydrofracking” to drill for natural gas, and how it may affect the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions if New York State permits it

Hr. 2

The “hydrofracking” issue examined, with Innovation Trail editor Matthew Leonard, Capital Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt, Matt Richmond of Southern Tier affiliate WSKG, veteran environmental journalist Tom Wilber, and additional guests


Friday 9/14-Healthy Friday

Elissa Orlando presents a two-hour examination of issues of personal health

Child Obesity
Dr. William Dietz Former head of the division of nutrition, physical activity and obesity at CDC
Bonnie DeVinney, GRHF
Rachel Pickering, HealthiKids Initiative.
1pm-1:30pm Recovery month
Actor Joe Pantoliano and Greg Soehner, President of East House
Ovarian Cancer
Dr. Cynthia Angel: Gynecologic Oncologist, Highland Hospital.


Our conversation with RIT criminologist and Center for Public Safety Initiatives director John Klofas to solicit the public’s advice on developing a new strategy for reducing violence ion the community, has been postponed from its originally scheduled date of 9/11 in the first hour and will instead be heard on 9/18 in the first hour.


All programs originate live in our studios unless otherwise indicated. Schedules are subject to change in response to breaking news. Pre-recorded programming may be replaced with live content on short notice.