Week of September 24 - 28, 2012

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests

Monday 9/24

Hr. 1

It’s been a year since the Occupy Wall Street movement began; we discuss it today with the organization’s environmental issues organizer Peter Rugh joining us on line from New York

Hr. 2

We begin a series of conversations with local candidates for state and national office, with State Senate hopeful and current Monroe County Legislature minority leader Ted O’Brien


Tuesday 9/25

Hr. 1

NO SHOW—we present an NPR special hosted by Andrea Seabrook, Left Behind, Dropping Out, on the growing national drop-out crisis

Hr. 2

Rochester School Board members Van White and Willa Powell join us to discuss how to reduce drop-outs and increase graduation rates in urban communities like Rochester; other additional guests may also join the discussion


Wednesday 9/26

Hr. 1

Have recent ethics controversies brought us back to the days of dysfunction in Albany? We talk with the NYU Brennan Center for Justice’s chief legislative watchdog Lawrence Norden

Hr. 2

Rochester hits the national top ten in per capita student spending in its public schools; are we getting our money’s worth? We talk with the Center for Governmental Research’s Dr. Kent Gardner


Thursday 9/27

Hr. 1

Get good home repair advice from the Democrat and Chromicle’s Jerry Ludwig

Hr. 2

Harvard economist Ken Rogoff on lessons we SHOULD have learned from the recession (recorded)


Friday 9/28


The NYCLU presents a special report on the state of sex education in New York; we talk with its co-author Johnanna Miller


Meet Henry Lee, criminal forensic scientist who pioneered the science now depicted on TV shows like “CSI” and “Bones”  (recorded)


The program with Assembly candidate Bill Nojay originally planned for the 27th in the second hour will be rescheduled to a later date as soon as possible. The program with writers Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross originally scheduled for the 28th in the second hour will instead be heard as part of Arts Friday on October 5.


All programs originate live in our studios unless otherwise indicated. Schedules are subject to change in response to breaking news. Pre-recorded programming may be replaced with live content on short notice.