Week of October 29 - November 2, 2012

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests

Monday 10/29

Hr. 1

A discussion on the economy (recorded)

Hr. 2

We talk with James Norman, Action for a Better Community executive director, and Jeff Johnson, MSNBC contributor, White House correspondent for TheGriot.com, and headline speaker at this year’s annual meeting and luncheon of Action for a Better Community


Tuesday 10/30

Hr. 1

Cornell University meteorologist Mark Wysocki explains what happened to the northeastern United States and why

Hr. 2

A round robin update from the responders to the storm; we talk with Erin Caldwell of the Red Cross, Monroe County Airport executive director Michael Giardino, Don Hucko of RG&E and County Executive Maggie Brooks


Wednesday 10/31

Hr. 1

Author and native Rochesterian Bruce Jacobs, whose book “Race Manners’ dissected the ways in which people of various racial communities live and work with each other in America today, discusses the issues around the upcoming election

Hr. 2

The newest initiatives in the battle against residential lead poisoning of our children; we talk with leaders of the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning including program director Elizabeth McDade and board member and nurse-practitioner Mel Callan


Thursday 11/1

Hr. 1

The College of Collectible Knowledge answers your antiques questions

Hr. 2

Reviving our cities as part of a sustainable future; we talk with author and expert Catherine Tumber in advance of her lecture at the U of R


Friday 11/2 (Arts Friday)

Hr. 1

Bob Smith speaks with Paul DeBarros, biographer of jazz great and NPR Piano Jazz host Marian McPartland (recorded)

Hr. 2

Dr. Philip Carli is a musicologist, sound recording historian, film scholar, film accompanist, pianist, professor and conductor. He has accompanied hundreds of films over the years. He can be heard in Rochester as the staff accompanist for the George Eastman House, which is currently featuring silent films on their “Silent Tuesdays” series. Listen as WXXI’s Mona Seghatoleslami sits down with Dr. Carli with a piano on hand. (recorded)


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Bruce Jacobs: clearly explaining what so many of us see

Thank you, Bruce Jacobs. You are not way out there. You are laying out the case, solidly, calmly, and clearly, of the serious racism that we have seen since this president took office (and during his first presidential campaign).

While the continuing low unemployment rate plays a significant part, as it always does, in the president's close race with Romney (can you tease this factor out from race, Mr. Jacobs?)--one of the best examples of white racist foam-at-the-mouth freakout that I remember is the reaction to the president's announcement that he would make a speech to school children in the first months of his presidency. While many (every?) new president(s) in the past has addressed schoolchildren in the past, no one freaked out like this.

While I, too, am disappointed in this president--I had high hopes despite his pro-corporate, extremely moderate record--he is, in fact, competent, solid, level-headed and very very smart on foreign policy issues, and much more honest than Romney. He caught Bin Laden, has made good decisions in handling the worst economic crisis since the 1929 (despite the Republicans) has handled the hurricanes well, and is therefore a better choice.

Barb Deitz,
Rochester, NY