Week of December 17 - 21, 2012

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests

Monday 12/17

Hr. 1

MCC President Dr. Anne Kress discusses the future of the downtown campus now that the initial bonding is approved

Hr. 2

University of Rochester Warner School of Education professor, and former Canandaigua School Superintendent,  Steven Uebbing discusses issues of safety and of dealing with children’s needs raised by the tragedy in Connecticut; plus additional guests possible


Tuesday 12/18

Hr. 1

Meet Channel 10 anchor Rich Funke, who’s wrapping up a four decade career on the air in Rochester, and hear his take on the changes he’s seen in news and sports coverage as well as where TV news stands today

Hr. 2

A conversation with Father Roy Bourgeois, veteran activist against U.S. policy in Latin America and now battling to open the clergy of his church to women (recorded; broadcast postponed from 12/17)


Wednesday 12/19

Hr. 1
Holiday plantings and winter gardening challenges; we talk with our experts Greg Frank and Mike Tanzini (recorded 12/6)

Hr. 2

A live conversation with Rochester School Superintendent Dr. Bolgen Vargas


Thursday 12/20

Hr. 1

Home repair questions answered by Democrat & Chronicle columnist Jerry Ludwig

Hr. 2

The economy as we approach the so-called “fiscal cliff”; MCC professor emeritus Kathy Bromley


Friday 12/21-Healthy Friday

Elissa Orlando and the Innnovation Trail’s Matt Leonard present a two hour special examination of emerging health care innovation.



All programs originate live in our studios unless otherwise indicated. Schedules are subject to change in response to breaking news. Pre-recorded programming may be replaced with live content on short notice.





Ummm... you know

Please ask Matt Leonard to practice speaking without these annoying mannerisms. I finally turned the radio off because I couldn't stand to listen anymore.