Will I need as good an outdoor antenna as I used to have for DTV?

We live in Scottsville and had quite a time several years ago getting our antenna high enough and pointed correctly in order to get good local reception. When we replaced the roof a couple of years ago, we decided not to put the antenna back up, but rather to give cable a try. Since we don't watch much cable, we plan to drop Time Warner and go back to an antenna. Is it logical to expect that we need to pretty much get a new one mounted as high and in the same direction as the old or is the digital signal less fussy? We wonder if there is any sense in trying an indoor antenna before putting holes in the roof. We just got our converter box coupon, so I guess it's time to go ahead with things. Any advice?


Will I need a good outdoor antenna?

Eric W. Logan

Here's a great resource on antenna requirements with a good link to outdoor antennas:


It is a good bet that if you needed an outdoor antenna previously, you will probably need one now ..... however it is relatively "free" to test the indoor setup first before investing the money and energy into installing an outdoor antenna.

I'm considering dropping cable also .... we flip through 200 or so channels and usually land back on WXXI anyway. Why pay for what we can get as a standard part of our membership!