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Guest host: Helene Biandudi Hofer

Monday, July 29th 2013

Hour 1, Topic 1

No Child Left Behind vs. No Child Held Back

Synopsis: In the wake of changes to No Child Left Behind, Yovel Badash, CEO/Founder of NaMaYa [an online platform offering tools to teachers, parents, etc., to improve education] has a plan to equalize education, especially in the Black community. It’s called No Child Held Back. His plan includes personalization and technology to improve education. Could his method work in the RCSD?


▪Yovel Badash, Author/educator

▪Beverly Burrell-Moore (Deputy Superintendent of Teaching & Learning)


Hour 1, Topic 2

A Dying Breed – Collapse of the Honeybee

Synopsis: Beekeepers are experiencing a colony collapse. Between 2006 and 2011, commercial beekeepers in the US lost 28-33% of their hives each winter, in part because of colony collapse. For farmers who depend on bees to pollinate their apples, almonds, etc., every year, the disappearance of honeybees is a major issue. No bees means a lack of produce in our grocery stores.


▪Pat Bono, Rochester Beekeepers

▪Walter Nelson, Horticulture Agent, Cornell Cooperative Extension (ROC)

Hour 2, Topic 1

Sickle Cell & Athletes

Synopsis: This year the NCAA approved mandatory confirmation of sickle cell trait status in Division III student athletes. The vote (254-200) comes despite objections from the Society of Hematology. A number of recent medical reports has suggested the Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) may contribute to death in athletes – others disagree and say testing of athletes for SCT is unnecessary. It’s become a highly controversial issue.


▪Eric Rozen, Head Athletic Trainer @ U of R

Hour 2, Topic 2

Cybersecurity Training on the Rise

Synopsis: In June, Governor Cuomo said NY must do its part to combat cybersecurity threats. Due to recent attacks, cybersecurity training is on the rise for businesses and even young people. MCC has developed a Cyber Security certificate program and in October the annual Rochester Security Summit is focused on rethinking cybersecurity to help businesses and IT professionals understand current and emerging security issues.


▪Michael G. McCartney, Cyber crime expert

▪Dr. Javier Ayala, Monroe Comm. College

Tuesday, July 30th 2013

Hour 1, Topic 1

Role of the Black Church in Education

Synopsis: Black churches historically played a key role in the education of its young people – but some in the ROC area argue that the church has relinquished its former duties. We’ll talk with Pastor Marlowe Washington & get an update on a program he started 1 year ago with the RCSD and discuss the current role of the Black church in education.


▪Pastor Marlowe Washington


Hour 1, Topic 2

Songs of Summer – Singer Cammy Enaharo

Synopsis: Local singer/songwriter Cammy Enaharo has been praised by the blog Rochester Subway and City Newspaper for her soulful and folksy tunes. We’ll talk with the RCSD-grad and former Nazareth College student about her beginnings in music, motivations/inspirations in ROC when it comes to her writing and what’s next in her career. (Plus hear some music in-studio)


▪Cammy Enaharo,  ROC Singer/Songwriter

*Recorded interview w/Garrison Keillor also plays in this segment

Hour 2, Topic 1

Rochester’s Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline

Synopsis: Zero-tolerance policies adopted by school districts post-Columbine has created what some people call a system with a road straight to prison. We define and dissect the Cradle-to-Prison pipeline in Rochester – what’s contributing to it, what we don’t know about it, and what’s being done to dismantle it.


▪Melanie Hartzog, Executive Director, Children’s Defense Fund – New York

▪Dr. Jeff Kaczorowski, Executive Director, The Children’s Agenda

Hour 2, Topic 2

South Sudan Independence – Locals on the Long Road Ahead

Synopsis: South Sudan celebrated its 2nd year of independence this month, but the country has a long road ahead. An onslaught of violence continues as the country works to make gains in oil production, infrastructure and education. Area residents from South Sudan will discuss what’s needed to help the new nation in the rebuilding process – and work being done locally to help.


▪Dr. Glenn Balch, VP of Water for South Sudan

▪Sebastian Maroundit, Co-Founder & President, Building Minds in South Sudan

Wednesday, July 31st 2013

Hour 1, Topic 1

Animal Abuser Registry:

Synopsis: The Monroe County Legislature recently voted down a bill to create an Animal Abuser Registry in the County. Was the move due to politics or imperfections in the bill? Local animal rights advocates speak out on the ramifications of the Legislature’s decision which they say are widespread.


▪Julie Lafferty, Another Chance Pet Rescue

▪Nancy BB Meyer, Longtime animal rights activist

Hour 1, Topic 2

Rochester Teen Film Festival:

Synopsis: A collaborative, juried media competition for youth in the Rochester region (urban, suburban, rural). We’ll discuss the purpose of the festival and talk with area teen filmmakers about their work, the process, what they learned, etc.


▪Brian Bailey, Co-Founder of Teen Film Fest

▪Teens participating in the festival:

Alex Bednar, Nicole Ehmann, De’Lon Warren

Hour 2

Mayor Tom Richards

Topics: The new downtown police substation, crime over the summer, downtown redevelopment, education, the mayoral race and more….

Thursday, August 1st 2013

Hour 1, Topic 1

The Job of Mayor – What Can a Mayor Really Do?

Synopsis: On September 10, 2013, Lovely Warren will face Tom Richards in the democratic primary. As both vie for the position of Mayor and tout their credentials, some may wonder – what does a mayor really do? We’ll discuss the role of mayor, what a mayor can and can’t do, and the person’s role in addressing and tackling city issues. We’ll also examine highs and lows of past mayors in ROC…


▪Professor Timothy Kneeland

▪Former Mayor Bill Johnson

Hour 1, Topic 2

What is the Common Core?

Synopsis: This year’s incoming freshmen high school class will be the first to undergo 4-years of the common core curriculum and state testing catered to the common core. The RCSD has even formed a common core ad hoc committee to make policy recommendations and guidelines that support the more rigorous instruction. But what is the common core – and how does it differ from former state standards? We’ll dig into the curriculum and how it’s being implemented in area schools.



▪Anita Murphy, RCSD Deputy Superintendent of Administration

▪Stephanie Martin, Math Outreach Coordinator, the Warner School, U of R

Hour 2, Topic 1

Leveling the PAYING Field

Synopsis: Governor Cuomo’s women’s rights agenda failed to pass in the state legislature in June except for one bill. In the mix was a bill guaranteeing equal pay for women. Meanwhile, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand continues to fight for the Paycheck Fairness Act – that will strengthen the Equal Pay Act (50th Anniversary). We talk with the League of Women Voters and area female leaders on issues that remain with equal pay, knowing your worth in salary negotiations, etc.


▪Katherine Smith, League of Women Voters

▪MJ Tocci, Co-Founder and Director of Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women

Hour 2, Topic 2

21st Century Community Learning Ctr – (NEAD, U of R, School 33, Freedom School)

Synopsis: The NYS Dept of Education recently awarded a grant to a new partnership (Northeast Area Development Center, School 33, and the U of R’s Warner School) to develop a 21st Century Community Learning Center in the Northeast area. We’ll discuss the reason behind the partnership, specifics of the grant, and role it’s supposed to play in the Northeast neighborhood.


▪George Moses – NEAD Exec Director

▪Darius Walker, School of the Arts Student

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