Why Sponsor WXXI?

Business Support for WXXI Can Benefit Companies

  • Reach extremely desirable demographics. WXXI audiences are well-educated, affluent, and influential individuals who are hard to reach through traditional media. 
  • Underwriting messages stand out in an uncluttered media environment and are more likely to be remembered. WXXI airs a maximum of three 15-second business support messages per sponsorship break.  See our Sample Spots
  • Media Partnerships are customized to fit your specific marketing budget and objectives. Just as each business has its own set of circumstances and drivers, each business has a unique underwriting solution.  There is no cookie-cutter underwriting package. Connect with WXXI now to get started.
  • Foster Credibility.  Having a presence in WXXI TV programming contributes to promoting companies as quality-focused organizations.  For seven consecutive years, Americans consider PBS the nation's most trusted institution among nationally known organizations and an excellent use of tax dollars. *
  • The Halo Effect. Supporting WXXI radio promotes consumer goodwill. WXXI's branded longevity and reputation for quality extends to businesses that underwrite.  Businesses supporting WXXI radio experience a Halo-Effect of respect and consideration for their own company, products, and services. **

  *Source:  GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media Opinion Survey for PBS, January 2010

**Source:  Jacobs Media Underwriting Research Review for NPR, July 2007