Connections with Evan Dawson: Tavis Smiley on Poverty in Rochester/Dialogue on Disability

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Today on Connections with Evan Dawson...


12 noon

Tavis Smiley will be talking about his upcoming visit to RIT, his poverty tour and responding to the recent study showing Rochester high on the list of impoverished urban areas. Jennifer Leonard, CEO of the Rochester Area Community Foundation will react to Smiley’s comments and looking at poverty in Rochester.

1 pm

Dialogue on Disability continues with the discussion on “aging out,” or transition: That precarious time when people with special needs become too old for certain services, schooling, etc. And we’ll talk about the documentary “Best Kept Secret,” which re-airs tonight on WXXI-TV.

Guests: Martha Mock, Associate Professor of Education and Pediatrics at the University of Rochester and Director of the Institute for Innovative Transition and Joe Kelly, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Programs at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES.

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