Connections with Evan Dawson: Urban Little League /Dr. Amy Vail/Schools for South Sudan/Rob Astorino

Thu, 02/06/2014 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Today on Connections with Evan Dawson...

12 noon

Helping urban kids become part of their community – through little league. Opportunity is expanding for urban little league this spring, and we’ll talk to a psychologist about why he supports it, especially for kids in impoverished neighborhoods.

Craig Cypher of Southside Little League

Bruce Conrow of Eastside Little League

12:30 pm

Love in the ancient world: What we can learn from Ovid. Yes, we’re going deep and fun, with an outstanding guest: Professor Dr. Amy Vail, of St. John Fisher College, in studio. 

1 pm

My colleague Helene Biandudi-Hofer joins us to tell us about Schools for South Sudan. The third installment airs tonight on NTKR.

1:30 pm

The man who is likely to be the Republican nominee for governor is not Donald Trump, but Rob Astorino, a downstate county executive. Most upstate voters know nothing about him. He joins us live by phone to introduce his platform to western New York voters.

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