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Dinosaur Annex: Continuing to be Contemporary (Interview)

Boston-based ensemble Dinosaur Annex has been playing music by contemporary composers for 38 years.  They’re playing a concert tonight at Kilbourn Hall, with a program that includes music by East

Give Opera a Chance: La Boheme

Have you ever seen an opera? WXXI's Mona Seghatoleslami and Eastman School of Music's Benton Hess discuss (with some help from Cher) why Puccini's La Boheme is one you shouldn't miss.

Frankly, my dear . . .

 . . . Scarlett, this West Bloomfield, New York beauty, LOVES public radio.


Stravinsky in Rochester

“To have Mr. Stravinsky in residence for this past week, and conducting part of this evening’s program, we have brought to our students the most illustrious example of an individual who exemplifies both the knower and the doer. The impact of his presence upon the minds of our students is incalculable”

 – Walter Hendl, Director, Eastman School of Music

Kristin Shiner McGuire

Percussionist Kristin Shiner McGuire tells the story of how a moment of frustration at the Department of Motor Vehicles landed her in physical therapy. She describes her lifelong passion for fitness, and what she tells students who show up for lessons without breakfast. Kristen has been the Coordinator of Percussion Studies at Nazareth College since 1984.

A bit of a rant

I was sitting at my desk the other day when, over my shoulder, I heard a tour group coming down the hall.  The visitors passed the WXXI newsroom and stopped a few feet away.

“And this,” announced their guide (a smart and lovely woman who works in another department), “is Classical 91.5.  Classical music is very soothing, very relaxing!”

Dr. C. Michael Haben

Dr. C. Michael Haben, a Rochester physician who specializes in care of the voice, offers advice for keeping your voice healthy during the cold winter months, whether you sing, talk, or teach all day. He recommends a specific beverage and a unique way of thinking about your instrument.

Carol Rodland

Violist Carol Rodland of the Eastman School of Music explains why Pilates became important to her long before movie stars picked it up. She'll also describe the common problems college students run into when they arrive at a conservatory, how to avoid them, and what she does to cultivate mindfulness and joy in her daily life.

Healthy Musicians

Healthy Musicians 


A podcast series of conversations with musicians about their stories and their advice for staying healthy, whether you're bending over a computer or a guitar, talking or singing.